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Iridium Satellite Phones and Service - CasCom Ltd. (Yellowknife, NT Canada)

Iridium Satellite Phones and Service

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Iridium Satellite Constellation


Regardless of your remote location, you can truly stay in touch via an Iridium compact handheld portable telephone. Ideal for industry, government, business, and adventure applications--the Iridium line of products and services deliver global communications via the Iridium satellite system.

Best Coverage for the North

The Iridium Satellite Constellation circles the poles and offers the best coverage for the NWT, Yukon and Nunavut.

It's the best way to keep in touch with the rest of the world.


As an Iridium customer, you'll be the first among decision makers to use the power of global access as instinctively as you think, work, and lead. And at a level that leaps ahead of any mobile communications today, you'll have:

  • Wireless telephone access virtually anywhere in the world
  • An easy-to-use handheld phone that goes wherever you do
  • One phone number for callers to reach you without having to know where you are
  • A quick connection--no bulky equipment needed to place calls
  • One simple bill for your entire account, in one currency, from a single source
  • Worldwide alpha and numeric paging
  • Global customer care, including 24-hour customer assistance in 13 languages
  • Best quality available, best signal strength (16-decibel link margin)

Optional Short Message Service (SMS)

As a CasCom Iridium voice subscriber, your Iridium Satellite phone performs double-duty as a voice communication and a two-way messaging device. The Iridium Satellite phone supports 160 characters, in a single message. Once you turn your phone on and register with the Iridium satellite network, you can receive short messages directly to your handset.

CasCom's complete Iridium SMS service offers:

  • Two-way global text messaging
  • Send/receive from other Iridium subscribers
  • Send/receive from email addresses
  • 160 characters per message
  • Messages will be stored until delivered (up to 8 days)

Messages can be entered from the Iridium keypad or from your laptop computer (data kit required for computer).

Optional Pre-paid Calling Cards

In addition to a standard monthly invoice, CasCom's Iridium service offers you the control and flexibility of different pre-paid calling card options and custom building blocks. With pre-paid cards, you don't have to worry about contracts or monthly access charges. The cards are available in denominations of 75, 300, 500, 1000, 3000, or 5000 minutes.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Cards must be replenished prior to expiration date to retain any unused airtime minutes
  • Cards may be replenished after expiry date within 90 days, however, any unused airtime minutes will be lost
  • Cards that are not replenished within the 90 days after expiration can no longer be used
  • All purchases are credit card or wire transfer only
  • No refunds or rebates for unused airtime
  • 75 minute card remains active for 30 days
  • Iridium Subscriber Unit (ISU) must be registered to initiate or receive a call
  • Rates per minute are based on ISU - PSTN (Iridium Subscriber Unit to Public Switched Telephone Network)
Iridium Pre-paid Calling Card

Contact us to learn more about Iridium products and services.

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