IT Solutions & Network Services

CasCom has been providing IT services and communication solutions based in the North for over 15 years. We have dedicated local staff with both field experience and technical knowledge to ensure that your needs are taken care of. Our philosophy towards IT administration is that a proactive approach towards maintenance and upgrades will help to minimize down time, and save on long term costs.

We offer a full range of services including server and workstation support, network infrastructure configuration, security and antivirus setup, and data backup monitoring. We can manage your standard network functions or help to design custom solutions unique to your business needs.

Our experience with remote site management enables us to effectively support and maintain your network if your operations are local to Yellowknife, in a remote community, or isolated camp. We are currently providing services to customers located across Northern Canada.

Network Administration and Support

  • We can help to design and support your network from the ground up. Our technicians have certifications with both Microsoft and Linux, and experience with a wide range of industry standard routers, firewalls, switches, and other network appliances.
  • We specialize in remote support and administration. This means we can often fix your issue without even going to your office. However, if a technician is required for a site visit our staff is ready to assist.
  • We install and configure virtual networks and server environments. This helps reduce power consumption, heat production and room space used by servers, it also ease system backup/recovery and future upgrades.
  • We program scripts on both Windows and Linux environments.

Structured Wiring and Wireless Networking

  • Our technicians are certified with a multitude of structured wiring including Cat5e, Cat6, and RG6. We can create a cabling design for a new deployment or add cabling to expand an existing system.
  • When a wired option is not available, we can design a wireless option to fit your need. Our wireless solutions can be used to connect remote locations over long distances, or connect different buildings to form a wide area municipal network.
  • We are familiar with a multitude of structured cable types. We can design and implement new infrastructure, or add on to what is existing.

Supply and installation of satellite internet and TV services

  • We have access to a wide range of satellite internet bandwidth from low cost residential for your cabin, to dedicated links for your high demand business needs. We also install residential and corporate level residential satellite TV.

Remote administration, management and technical assistance

  • Our policy is to be proactive.

Configuration of various network services

  • We do the following: Management of user accounts, management of printers, file transfers and sharing, backup, databases, Web services and email, IP routing, IP addressing (DHCP) and domain name resolution (DNS), IP traffic filtering, remote networks (VPN), network load balancing, etc.

Consultation & Training

  • Technical expertise on working methods and computing tools (hardware and software)
  • Evaluation of resources (personnel, time and cost) to install a new IT equipment or solution
  • Assistance with various professionals (installers, electricians, technicians, programmers, etc.) during the installation of a new IT equipment or solution
  • Monitoring and preventive maintenance program for IT equipment
  • Technical Writing (reports, presentations, procedures, layout plans, etc.)
  • Inventory of IT equipment and software

Need a quote?

Drop by, phone, fax or email us what you want. We would be happy to provide you a quote on any service we offer.


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