Remote Data & Voice: Satellite, Microwave, VHF/UHF Radio Solutions

Our solutions cover highly mobile, semi-permanent and permanent camps ranging in size from small frontier camps under 10 people to large productions sites with 150 or more people.

We offer a full range of services including satellite voice, data, fax and TV systems. We also build custom solutions for corporate wired and wireless network infrastructure, including point to point wireless links, on-site network servers and phone systems.

Our customers include: Mineral Exploration and Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction and Infrastructure builds, Government special projects, and Tourism and Recreation.

VSAT Solutions

  • Our VSAT network is designed to be business-grade, using leading edge data/voice network technology. We are able to optimize our satellite network performance and limit non business related traffic such as P2P, streaming, and other lower priority traffic. This means your important business data will transfer faster, thus providing a better end user experience at your site.
  • Both our central hub and our remote sites use enterprise grade hardware to ensure the best performance and reliability satellite technology can offer.
  • Our IP deployed framework includes data management and prioritization controls to effectively deliver the customized services your remote site needs.
  • Our site deployments are engineered with high availability, with reliability being our primary focus. This platform is supported by our 24/7/365 on call technical support.

Mobile Solutions

  • Our solutions cover highly mobile and wireless coverage all over Canada, especially in remote areas where there is no cellular network coverage available.
  • We offer a full range of products and services including satellite phones, GPS devices, VHF/UHF mobile/portable radios and radio repeaters, etc.

Microwave Solutions

  • We design long distance point-to-point and point-to-multi-point links, using leading edge microwave technology. Microwave links are used for a number of purposes such as to merge or extend wired/wireless networks, sharing a same ISP connection, provide high speed corporate network links to company executives across town, dedicate high bandwidth links for offsite data backup and transfers, etc.
  • Because we work with products from multiple manufacturers, we are able to provide a cost-effective solution based on the site bandwidth, reliability and distance requirements. We can offer a wide range of wireless solutions, from the very affordable to the high-end corporate-grade performance depending on the project budget and need.
  • We also secure our wireless links with both data encryption and ACLs in order to protect your data integrity and privacy.

Contact our sales department with questions about your custom solution.


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